Perfect game for travel.  No cleanup, no pieces to lose and easy to play.  The list of items to find is on the top of the container.  Great take along to keep the kids, and adults, busy.  Toss the game in a travel bag and off you go!  Ben S.

My kids took turns seeing who could find the most "finds" the fastest.  With 42 different hidden items...someone always found something the other didn't.  When we returned home, all we had to do was pick up the cylinder and take it in the house; no mess all over the car, no missing pieces, and no garbage (from the toy that is).  Fantastic!  Denver Housewife

We have this toy as a permanent fixture in our truck's backseat to instantly banish boredom for anyone while traveling.  Riley Grey

We can take them everywhere which is especially great for the doctor's office, grocery shopping and anywhere that it is hard to keep kids occupied.  I was actually surprised my kids shared it so well.  It's great for teaching sharing and taking turns. Find It Game exceeded my expectations and is definitely fun for the whole family! Minnesota Mama

Trust me every age will enjoy this game.  It's fun to search for all of the different objects and see if you can find them all!  These are a great toy to keep in the car as it provides hours of quiet playtime.  I love that it is something everyone in the family can enjoy! Taxi Mom

As an adult, Findit® was very addictive; I could not put it down. After many hours with many adults trying, I finally found the penny. The marble was not easy find either. I was extremely lucky to find the penny WITH THE DATE AND MINT MARK FACING UP!
Thank you for a fun and addictive game. Looking forward to purchasing another.

It's so neat! It's a game you can't put down! It's a great "coffee table" game! Neat for all ages!
LaRose's in Louisiana

What a great toy. I bought it for my son but it keeps my husband busy as well (ha!ha!)
Amanda Baker

It works for all ages. I bought one for myself and one for my son to take to work as a stress reliever.

What a fun game! Very challenging & addictive. Should not be given to a "compulsive personality"! :)


it has kept us going all Christmas, from the moment I opened the present, to now, 10 hours later, it has not been put down...
Morag Lippe

Awesome idea, I'm going to bring it back to school and leave in on my desk in my dorm room, lots of fun.

Keeps me busy. Love it!

Fun game for all ages.

I hardly spoke to anyone at Christmas dinner as i was too engrossed in my "Find It"
Andrew Gill

It's completely addictive - even after you've seen everything

This is a very good toy for on the road and for kids that get bored easily. Trying to find the penny is the hardest thing. This is a very addicting game that the whole family loves to play.

Where's the Penny!!!

The toy is fantastic, all the adults are addicted to it poor children cannot get to play it!

It is very addicting.

Very enjoyable, but very time consuming.

It is so addictive- especially to my husband. He works on it several times a day.
Judy Smith

People of all ages and backgounds can entertain themselves with this!


Love the game! Every time I pick it up it is like a brand new challenge.
Christine R.

My husband and I have spent countless hours together searching for the items and my husband was the first to find the penny! = )