5 Great Catches: Summer Survival

Listen, I’ve got 5 kids (yes, five) home this summer and I know not every moment will be just beachy. That being said, I find if I have an answer to, “What are we doing now?” ahead of time with my plan in place, that sometimes killer afternoon can actually be turned into fun. Here are some products that have been giving boredom the beat down.

Find It Games Popular Veggie Tales

I admit it: This stayed in the box for a very long time. All I saw were small parts my 7 month twins could choke on and a HUGE mess. Boy! I was WRONG! This game is fantastic and also perfect for travel! The parts stay inside — it doesn’t even open (don’t let the photo fool you) — and kids just keep turning it until they find each object inside and have marked it off on their “score” card. Adorable! And time consuming for the long drive or, again, that late afternoon when Mama is too tired after a long day to do much else.