We’ve been obsessed with a new game that arrived this week, everyone including the Teeny Tot has gotten involved! What am I talking about? Find It!

So what is a Find It Game?

Find it games are large cylinders filled with all sorts of fun objects hidden in tiny plastic confetti. The object of the game is simple: Spin it, shake it, twist it until you find all the hidden items! You can time it to make it more of a challenge too. Each game comes with score cards so you can check off each time you find an object, the first one to find them all wins! Find It can be played with a crowd or alone, ages 3-adult.

They come in all different themes such as beach, bird watch, kids version, zoo theme, sports, glitz/glamour

and the Wizard of Oz! They are also great to take in the car on road trips as well! I’d also like to note how big they are, I was expecting a tiny little soda pop can sized game, but these things are about 10.5” tall!

My thoughts:

When Find It Games emailed me, I requested to review the Kids version and now I’m glad I did because it has ABC beads in it which means I can use it for our Preschool activities this year! Yay!

So far this has been a big hit with our family, my 7 year old seems to like it best, I’ve caught her playing with it randomly since its arrival and she always leaves the little checked off score cards on my desk so I can see what she found!

Oh ya, and unlike my good friend over at Homeschool Creations, we actually found the illusive penny! You have to twist, swirl and shake all at once sister, it’s all in the wrist ;o) (Sadly, I didn’t look at the year on the penny, so when I went to announce that I’d Found The Penny, I couldn’t fill out the form! Sigh...guess it’s back to shakin’ for me!)