Find It Games is the original tumbler game that is a self contained scavenger hunt in a bottle. I had the pleasure to review one of these games and it is a blast!!

It is a game where you must find all the pieces listed by turning, flipping and rolling the tube around to see the items. When you

have checked off all the items, then you need to find the last item...the penny. Find It Games are a tube filled with goodies on the inside and capped at either end. We received A Day At The Zoo. This game has about 39 little zoo pieces to find in all those little sprinkles and don't forget the coveted "penny" you need to find.

This game is hours of fun for every age. It is very addicting, to try and find that penny. Here is a picture someone posted on their facebook page of them finally finding the penny!! HaHa!!

What a great and unique gift just in time for the Christmas gift giving season!!