Mix Vacation with Education/

As the school year draws to a close, get-ting worried about my 9- year old daughter. She's just an average student and really hates to do homework. I worry that she'll forget a lot of what she learned over this past year and shell start fifth grade even further behind than she already is What can we do? I'm torn about this. On one hand, I think summers are a time for rest-ing up, having fun, giving the mind a little time to recharge, Unfortunately, with so many kids booked into wall-to-wall camps and activities, summer can be even busier than the school year and recharging — at least mentally — is out of the question.

With the big day just around the cor-ner, we've been working frantically to evaluate our largest field of submissions for the MrDa.d.com Seal of Approval and Great Dad Recommends awards. This season's winners include: Web Hunt and Oh, Re-ally? Two engaging family games from Find It Games (finditgames.com) The complete list — well a submission guide-lines for new products and services — is at mrdad.corn/seal,