There is nothing I crave more than hearing my children laugh and seeing them smile. These games are a sure fire way of achieving both!

My kids were the first to the door when the doorbell rang and their eyes were wide with excitement when they saw a box on the doorstep. They have a bad habit of opening things that are not addressed to them. By the time I got to the kitchen, all four were giddyand ready to play games!

The first game we attempted was VeggieTales Find It. It is a tube full of fun! There are little objects hidden inside that you have to shake and move to find. It is such a simple idea, but so stinkin fun. My big kids took their time, read the list of hidden items and looked for them in order. My little one, just shook and looked. Both ways worked and were fun. On Sunday, we threw it in the “church bag” and let them play quietly in church. Afterwards, I had several women ask where we had gotten it because it was a genius idea. Only problem, there is a penny inside and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find it! It is driving me crazy!

Next up was Oh Really! This one is a little more grown up, but not in a bad way...just in a way that was a little hard for my little ones. This game is meant for
10+. You are asked to rank random items in the order you think the named player will rank them from most important to least important. You have to think a little, but you are sure to learn about your friends. It also won the Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center. That means it is pretty is incredible, the new “party” game!