Shannon Dye
 Shannon Dye, Monroe Library
"Find It games are a great way to promote Every Child Ready To Read pre-reading practices: Reading, Writing, Talking, Singing and Playing. I've seen preschoolers talk about what they are looking for when they're finding objects in the game, especially when there is an adult helping them engage with the toy. These games are in our library's Early Learning Space because they promote the talking skills children need before they begin to read"


What is a Find It Game?

A Contained Adventure, Find It® is like a portable treasure hunt. The unique game that contains 40 themed items each version. Originally launched in 2003, Find It® has been a grassroots phenomenon in the USA, and around the world. With over 4 million sold, the concept continues to prove itself at retail! 

A new game every time you play – 40 small items are hidden inside amongst the pellets; the objects “appear” and “disappear” when you shake the game. Find all 40 listed on top of the game! 

* Addictive - Once touched, it’s tough to put down. 
* Hours of fun for kids and adults alike – age graded 6+, so it works as a great distraction for multiple ages. 
* Great classroom game – teachers use it to teach shapes, colors, classifications, and deduction. 
* You can play multiple games with “Find It”. Be creative! 
* The self-contained nature of “Find It” makes it a great travel game. 
* Many different themes – “A Find It® for Everyone”!

What Every Doctor and Therapist Should Know About Find It Games

Did you know?  The average human attention span is now eight seconds... Less than that of a goldfish!

Focus and Concentration GraphicA recent study by the Microsoft Corporation identified a scary trend: Namely, that the average human attention span has been reduced to 8 seconds – less than that of the common goldfish! It's no surprise that many of us in today's world of constant status updates and myriad demands for our attention could use a little help in improving our focus.

While the study goes on to show that humans will ultimately adapt, this is bad news today for kids who struggle with Focus and Concentration – and parents who continue to battle the effects of ever-increasing “screen time”.

Beyond the home, we are hearing from more and more therapists, doctors, and educators, who tell us that the Find It® Game has become a staple in their practice or classroom. And in an environment where kids and adults alike are prone to “sensory overload”, Cal Newport, Georgetown professor and expert on expertise, says that “the ability to stay focused will be the superpower of the 21st century.”

Wow! So our future Superheroes will win out by out-focusing the bad guys. Awesome!

How Retailers Find It!

Retailer animation

This is how we inform retailers about Find It® games - it's good information for everyone.

As a parent, what can you do to help your kids improve their ability to concentrate?

Certainly, limiting screen time is an easy first step. But then what to do when the screen is put away??? Having the right toys and activities at hand is key to providing alternatives. And one of the best tools you can have is a Find It® Game!

Over 4 million parents have brought a Find It® Game into their home to engage their kids in a “Contained Adventure” that can last up to 30 minutes or more per play session. We’ve seen this first hand at play conventions like “Chi-Tag” in Chicago, where kids from 6-12 years old literally refused to leave our booth until they found one of the elusive objects inside!

Now they are also finding a home with doctors, dentists, and therapists – as a tool for attention disorders, behavioral therapy, and beyond. The unique self-contained format and vibrant colors make Find It® great for kids with ADHD, cognitive disabilities, tactile issues, and spectrum disorders.

When we began hearing from parents and therapists about how helpful our Find It games are in this area, we wanted to reach out so that more people could take advantage of our games as a tool to boost concentration and focus. From those who just like to keep one at their desk or coffee table for a downtime diversion to parents who use a Find It game when their child has a sensory meltdown, they are useful in countless ways.

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  • Boost communication and social interaction
  • Help calm a child during a sensory meltdown
  • Improve visual skills
  • Aid vocabulary and speech
  • Sharpen mental focus


The President of NWO Apraxia, an organization helping children with a wide range of invisible disabilities, wrote us that “Find It Games have become a valuable resource” in their community.

Others have sent in their testimonials to evangelize the benefits of Find It:

girl FI3x

Spacer"The only thing that seems to calm and occupy my boyfriend's son, who has autism and struggles with change and having to wait is your Find It adventures !! Thank you for developing such a creative, engaging game that is great for not only the above, but also for building his visual perceptual skills and vocabulary development as well!!"
- Melanie


"I have MS and now it will help me with concentration."
- Jamie


  "The Find It games are a regular part of my kids' activity routines"
   - Ann


"It is really amazing how something like one of the Find It Games can help get your mind off of things and sharpen your mental skills... Starry Night is kept on my office desk and used more often than you might think."


"The first time I saw a Find It Game was at our pediatrician's office. For the entire duration of our visit our little ones were fascinated with trying to find everything inside."
- Victoria


"Thank you so much for creating this awesome toy for the family. I wanted to let you know that this toy is also great for autistic children. We have 2 boys who are autistic, and when they have meltdowns we use it as a calming focusing toy. It works wonders in calming them and [improving] their focus skills... Keep up the good work, can't wait to see future Find It games for the kids!"
     - Amanda


"We can't stop talking about how cool the Find It games in our June DiscoverMe Box really are! First of all - we can't get our kids to put the games down. Chore time - HECK NO! We are playing FIND IT! Second of all - um - we really can't put them down either!"
- Discover Me Box



What should you do next?

1. Get 'em

Integrate the Find It games into your daily practice. We've made it easier than ever for doctors & therapists to access Find It Games. Use the Link to the right and go to our store for an immediate purchase. Or simply call, or email through the contact page and let us know you're ordering as a Doctor or Therapist. While retail pricing ranges from $20 - $25, we have special pricing available for Professionals.

2. Use 'em

Integrate the Find It games into your daily practice. Have them available for access throughout the day. The games can boost Focus &  Concentration. You may be surprised at the results!

3. Share 'em

Let others in your field know about the Find It game. Tell parents to continue the activities at home.  Your local toy store probably sells them. Let us know where you're located and we check that out for you.



"There's a Find It

for Everyone!"