Frequently Asked Questions

Find It Games Stickers - Why are they so hard to remove?

Find it games come intentionally with stickers on the top end caps and side of the tube. These are added to distinguish different versions and to enhance the challenge of play. They are not meant to be removed; we are not able to extend the warranty for any games where the game is compromised due to sticker removal. Please do not submerge the games in water, games cannot be re-opened once sealed at our factory. Please contact us by email if you have any questions regarding care of your Find it game ( all new 2015+ versions include care instructions in the “ways to play” section)

Is there really a penny in every Find It hidden object game?

This year, when it came time to renew paperwork with the Treasury Department that enabled us to include real currency in the game, new rules seem to have come into play, and we ran into a number of barriers. Because of this we created a special "Find It Penny" that would recreate the actual coin that had been used in the past.  This new coin is made of copper, and maintains the same size, shape, and mass as the original penny.  We felt that, although there is no "registry", the similarity would at least offer the same play value as it stays "hidden" in the middle of the tube.

Hold the game down by your side and shake it really fast end to end. (think centrifugal force).  The pellets in the middle of the tube will begin to separate to create a cavity and the penny will begin to rise.  Then hold the game horizontally and slowly rotate the cylinder over, keeping an eye out for the penny.  This is the best way we have found to see that elusive penny, but is not a guaranteed one.  If you search "Find It Game penny" on YouTube, you will see consumers who have figured out the trick to finding the penny. Maybe this will help.  

How come I can't find some of the items?

In the Find It hidden object game the metal objects are the most difficult to surface because of their weight. Other items blend with the colors of the pellets and can be tough to spot.

Are there any additional ways to play the Find It hidden object game?

Absolutely! Check out our Ways To Play page to find new and exciting ways to play Find It!

If my Find It hidden object game is defective, how can I return or exchange it?

Please contact our customer service team with your model number/name, images (showing damage or defective nature) along with your name, shipping address and telephone number. Prior approval is necessary before returning any products or providing replacements.

Where can I obtain additional check off pads for my older game versions?

Please go to this link to print off additional check off pads We may also have additional pads available of some older games (quantities and models are limited to remaining stock on hand) Contact customer service if you would like us to check availability.

I've heard Find It® Games can be a great tool for parents who have children with Learning Difficulties. Is this true?

That is correct. We have heard from scores of consumers, teachers, and parents who have all used Find It® Games as a tool to engage and calm their child with learning difficulties such as ADHD or ADD.

How durable are Find It® Games?

Extremely so. We make Find It® Games from high-impact plastics like polystyrene and polycarbonate tubing to ensure that the Contained Adventure stays contained!

I have a school/business/civic group that would like to buy a custom version of the Find It Game. Is this possible?

Yes - we can customize everything from end-cap colors to pellet colors, to the types of items found inside, depending on minimum quantities. Please contact our support team at  to discuss options for custom versions of Find It® Games. Minimum order quantity is 3,000 pieces; please allow ample lead time for custom building and sourcing (approx. 4-8 weeks)

Can I get a volume discount if I buy multiple units of the find it game on your website?

We know that people like to give away Find It® Games at theme parties (birthday/wedding showers) and to highlight business openings and special events. Please contact our customer service team at with your interest (please include details, time frame and quantities if possible)

I have an idea for a great game. May I contact you to discuss my idea?

At Identity Games/ Find It® Games we are always looking for the next new idea or invention. Please contact our support team at . We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Our family has made up a few new games using our Find It game. Is there a comprehensive list somewhere of play ideas that other families have submitted?

Please see our Ways to Play page for some great ideas and be sure to send yours in.

Find It Games Warranty

Identity Games International, USA believes very strongly in product testing and manufacturing industry compliance; we meet or exceed all COC-Certificate of Compliance and CPSIA regulatory guidelines. Defects are quite rare; however, especially with our hand assembled products we take all concerns and issues into consideration.
Identity Games International, USA  products carry a 1 year full warranty from manufacturer's defect. If you have any problem with your product within 1 year of receipt, we will replace with same (or like product if your version is no longer available ). Please contact us at with any concerns - if possible provide images and receipt. You will be contacted by one of our customer service representatives.  Please do not send any product back without prior written authorization.