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Promotes Focus & Concentration through Play!

Shannon Dye
 Shannon Dye, Monroe Library
"Find It games are a great way to promote Every Child Ready To Read pre-reading practices: Reading, Writing, Talking, Singing and Playing. I've seen preschoolers talk about what they are looking for when they're finding objects in the game, especially when there is an adult helping them engage with the toy. These games are in our library's Early Learning Space because they promote the talking skills children need before they begin to read"


What is a Find It Game?

A Contained Adventure, Find It® is like a portable treasure hunt. The unique game that contains 40 themed items each version. Originally launched in 2003, Find It® has been a grassroots phenomenon in the USA, and around the world. With over 4 million sold, the concept continues to prove itself at retail!

A new game every time you play – 40 small items are hidden inside amongst the pellets; the objects “appear” and “disappear” when you shake the game. Find all 40 listed on top of the game!

* Addictive - Once touched, it’s tough to put down.
* Hours of fun for kids and adults alike – age graded 6+, so it works as a great distraction for multiple ages.
* Great classroom game – teachers use it to teach shapes, colors, classifications, and deduction.
* You can play multiple games with “Find It”. Be creative!
* The self-contained nature of “Find It” makes it a great travel game.
* Many different themes – “A Find It® for Everyone”!


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How Retailers Find It!

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This is how we inform retailers about Find It® games - it's good information for everyone.

Focus & Concentration for Educators


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