National Parenting Center Says That Find It® Games Find A Lot More Than Just Fun

Find It® Games Receives National Parenting Center 2011 Spring Seal of Approval

Because kids love to find things (just think hide and seek, scavenger hunts, etc.), game and toymakers have invented products that reveal the unseen for generations. But one company, Find It® Games from Snohomish, Washington has succeeded in creating games that not only

help children to find hidden objects, but that help them to find creativity and insight. And because of that, The National Parenting Center has found two Find It Games extremely deserving of its 2011 Spring Seal of Approval.

After reading what the parent judges had to say about the games, there’s no doubt others will find them worthy as well:

Find It Games – Oh, Really!

Award Category: Games Recommended Ages: 10 and Up Price: $20.00

“Testers referred to the time they spent playing "Oh, Really!" as exceptional. A great game but also a great opportunity to find out how much, or how little you know about other players. The instructions and even the look of the game won't bowl you over but the experience is the key here. The cards ask you to consider and rank items that are about as diverse as you could possibly imagine. How about these for random, "mirrors", "spoons", "prayer", "fame", "responsibility", "food", "marriage", and on and on and on. The game is clearly thought provoking, and sometimes emotional but never at the expense of laughter and entertainment.”

Find It Games – VeggieTales Find It

Award Category: Games Recommended Ages: 4 to 94 Price: $25.00

“A fun and innovative game that is challenging yet not stressful. That in a nutshell is how parent testers reviewed this newest version of Find It, the ingenious game of hidden objects hiding and floating inside a clear cylinder that just begs to be shaken, turned and spun. The entire family no matter the age, from child to grandparent can have fun maneuvering the canister around trying to bring objects out from hiding. There is a scorecard for keeping track of your finds. Other comments about the game ranged from praise for its sturdiness to thumbs up for portability. This is a really great game for the car.”


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