When It Comes To Discovering Fun New Games Find It Games® Has Found Some Great Ones

In the days of the famous gold rush, whenever you heard the jubilant cry, “Eureka!” it meant that some lucky prospector had struck it rich. And today, in the offices of Find It Games®, makers of the best-selling “Find It” Game, the cry of “Eureka” means they’ve discovered something incredibly valuable, too. It means they’ve discovered some new, fun game that will bring hours of pleasure to kids and families. And to many in the toy world, that’s even more valuable than gold!

Besides hearing cries of “Eureka” from the Find It Games fun factory, there have also been recent screams of “Woo-Hoo!” and “Yeah, baby!” That’s because they’ve recently discovered four new great games. So if you’d like to hear what the whooping and hollering is about, visit Booth 5933 at the 2011 American International Toy Fair. Here’s what you’ll find:

Find It Games®– “VeggieTales” - Ages 8-108

Based on the classic “Find It” Game comes the latest entry into the world of VeggieTales: The new VeggieTales version of the Find It Game. Join the VeggieTales characters on a hand-held scavenger hunt as you search for objects and characters straight from the best-loved stories in the VeggieTales collection. The fun begins by finding popular icons like the Viking Helmet, rubber ducky, and slushy cup. Also look for authentic characters such as Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus, Philippe Green Pea and Madame Blueberry. These characters, and so much more, are hidden amongst a sea of colorful pellets – just waiting to be found by kids and parents alike. For 1+ player or teams.

Find It Games®– “On A Hunt” – Ages 8 – 108

Fun for the Sportsman, Hunter or Fisherman in your family...Find It – “On A Hunt” is the ultimate “Mini Scavenger Hunt.” Be the first to find the 48 hidden treasures mixed in with the Camouflage- colored pellets and you win! Can you find the Bulls Eye, Arrow, Rope, Fish Hook, Hiking Boot, Dog and for the Ultimate Sportsman, can you spot the BIG GAME hiding in every “Find It – On A Hunt” game? Don’t forget everything else on your check list including the lucky penny hidden in all Find It Games... always the toughest to spot but definitely in there! Spin it, twist it, shake it, it will provide hours of family fun. Perfect to take on those long car trips! For 1+ player or teams.

In addition to discovering two exciting new variations on the award-winning Find It Games, the company also set out to “pan” for new gaming gold! After much mining, the company struck the mother lode by licensing a pair of engaging, educational and completely different games from two successful game inventors. Both games embody the spirit of Find It Games in that they require a good degree of discovery.

Celtic Challenge – Ages 8+

Play a classic game rich in Celtic tradition. Whether solo or with a partner, this strategic game of matching, with a dash of chance thrown in, requires undivided attention. Celtic Challenge is based on an ancient game, beautifully crafted with a handsome hardwood board, 45 rustic tiles bearing traditional Celtic symbols, a Celtic staff to designate rounds, and embossed marker stone. Few if any have dared to clear all tiles from the board in one game, but who knows? You could be the first.

Oh, Really! Game - Ages 10+

The Lively Game of What Matters Most! Opinions count as players try to guess how their friends really feel about what matters most. From the seemingly trivial to the highly debatable, "Oh, Really!" reveals players' true feelings about everything from "Emotions" to "Underwear." You'll be rolling with laughter and caught by surprise when players rank 5 random items based on their own priorities. Then just when you think you have someone figured out, they rank "Makeup" ahead of "Memory", making you exclaim "Oh, Really!" For 3-8 players (or teams). Contains 200 engaging word cards, game board, 40 ranking symbol cards, 5 blank cards to customize your game, Scorepad, 5 pencils, and rules for individual and team play.