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Pharaoh's Egypt

SKU: 1062

The Pharaoh's Egypt puzzle captures a significant event of historical relevance in ancient Egypt. Details that define the location or time are vividly portrayed throughout this 300-piece puzzle.  Icons depicting the historical theme border the finished puzzle and are hidden within the artwork.  A day in the life of the Egyptians along the Nile of Pharaoh’s time becomes a second game once the pieces are in place. Look around the border and deep inside the scene to “find it” – a list of 40 Egyptian items from sandals, sword, necklace, wine jar and pottery, to animals like a cobra, crocodile, leopard, jackals and monkey. Instead of putting the pieces back in the box for another day, consider framing the handsome historic scene.

The included key explains the significance of each found object.  Our unique puzzles feature vibrant artwork from painter Rachel Land and are suitable for framing. Our puzzles and other Find It® Games provide a wonderful opportunity for families to share time together, or a fun-filled, educational experience for kids and adults. Finished puzzle measures 20.75" x 15".