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Find It® Starry Night

SKU: 1013

Star light, star bright, first thing I find tonight...  Will it be the moon?  A spotted owl?  A satellite?  Maybe even a UFO!

"Starry Night", the newest version of the best selling Find It® hidden object  game, has some real "star power"!  

Future astronomers will love all the richly detailed items inside; parents and teachers will love the "learn as you play" element. The "Starry Night" game features 40 items nestled among the brightly colored pellets.

Treasures include rockets, planets, moon rocks and aliens - all the things you would expect to see in the nighttime sky, and then some.  As an added bonus, many of the items inside glow in the dark which allows for a whole new way to play!  

Like all Find It® games, "Starry Night" provides hours of fun for players young and old.  Use the enclosed score pad to check off items as you find them in this "contained adventure".  A great game to play at home or on the road, both day and night!

Ages: 8 - 98