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Hiding in Plain Sight in the Newest Find It® Games
Can you spot the red cape, red fur or red & white shirt? That’s the challenge for kids this season as they venture on a treasure hunt to search for loveable characters from Captain Underpants, Sesame Street Jr. and Where’s Waldo?
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New Find It - Eww Gross

Kids adore putting the focus on gross objects so we made it a theme
Anyone who deals with tots deals with some unpleasant adventures – stinky diapers, spit up and missed toilet rims. Eww, Gross! It may not be something grownups talk about but kids are fascinated with gross subjects.
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The game where #2 always wins!
Poopyhead is a hilarious game of cards where being #1 requires “doo” diligence in #2! This up-until-now taboo theme is getting a lot of attention from retailers and families.
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Identity Games

Identity Games To Be The Future Of Find IT® games
Identity Games USA, a division of Identity Games, based in the Netherlands, has announced that they have the exclusive, worldwide rights to the Find IT® games brand and all associated properties from its founder, Bob Knight.
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Find It Games Toy Fair 2012

Find It Games Opens the Lid & Spills Fun onto Puzzles!
Grownups have been puzzling over where to find a perfect toy that's educational, affordable, durable, and intriguing.
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San Diego Family 6-11

Games on the Go
Looking for something fun to occupy your travel hours this summer?
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Thanks Mail Carrier 7-11

Find It Games: VeggieTales Find It Game Review
Find It Games has made kids games that keep them entertained at home or on-the-go quickly and easily..
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Rave and Review 8-11

Oh, Really! from Find It Games
It turns out my 10 year old niece likes Wonder Bread more than she likes family. My husband likes his thumbs more than he likes traffic laws, both of which he likes more than musicals. Oh, really?
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Real Mom Real View 6-11

Family FUN in a Box
There is nothing I crave more than hearing my children laugh and seeing them smile. These games are a sure fire way of achieving both!
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Moms Balancing Act 7-11 W/COMMENTS

Find It Games ~ Veggie Tales Find It Game Review
Summer means lots of time spent outdoors and enjoying the weather while we can. It also means traveling and going on road trips as well. For those times when we have a long car ride or we're stuck in the house on a rainy day...I always like to have fun things on hand to keep the kids entertained.

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Mr Dad Column CA 6-11

Mix vacation with Education
Web Hunt and Oh, Really! Two engaging family games from Find It Games
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Minn Mama Must Haves 7-11

Find It Games!
If you are looking for a great travel game that you can take with you this summer then the line of Find It Games is for you!
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Mom Most Traveled 8-11

Play On: No-Tech games for every age and stage
Oh Really!, The Lively game of What Matters Most, is a game where players 10 and older try to guess how their friends really feel about what matters most.
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Major Fun 10-10

Games that make you Laugh!
Oh, Really! is a party game for 3 up to 8 players or teams. Given the team possibility, Oh, Really! is a party game that can easily provide anywhere from a half-hour to 90-minutes of thought- and laughter provoking entertainment for your personal multitudes.
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MetroFamily 7-11

Problem Solvers
The VeggieTales Find It Game; a travel game that keeps backseat drivers engaged on the way and probably also when you get there.
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Jolly Mom 8-11

Find It Games Wins National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
Everyone (adults included) loves hidden treasure games that require finding things, right? That's why hide and seek, scavenger hunts, and I spy are classics! At Find It Games, they have mastered the art of creating games that not only help kids find hidden objects, but that help them to find creativity and insight.

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Major Fun 3-10

Top Twelve for 2010
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Heck of a Bunch 8-11

Heck of a Bunch! Review
Find It Games has got the whole famiily addicted to find hidden treasures in their game. From me and my husband, to all six of the kids, we've got an obsession with Find It Games hidden object games.
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Hudsons Childrenswear 3-11

Industry News Feature
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Find It Games Toy Fair 2011

When it comes to discovering fun new family games, Find It Games has found some great ones.
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Go Yay Review 12-10

Discover Something Wonderful
If you, or someone you know, enjoys seek and find games check out Find It Games! Find It Games, as described on the website, is not just a game, it's a contained adventure!
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10 Things to pick up before your grandchildren visit
What makes a grandparent's house special? The love inside, first of all, but also the aroma of fresh-baked treats, the artifacts of family history, and the really cool toys.
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FindIt Toy and Game Industry Awards 2011

Find It Games wins Eleven spring 2011 Toy and Game Industry Awards!
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FindIt Tillywig Awards Summer 2011

Find It Games receives a pair of 2011 Tillywig Summer Toy Awards!
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FindIt NPC Awards Spring 2011

Find It Games reveives National Parenting Center 2011 Spring Seal of Approval!
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Finding My Life in Faith 12-10

Find It Games is the original tumble game that is a self contained scavenger hunt in a bottle. I had the pleasure to review one of these games and it is a blast!!
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Thinking Game: Celtic Challenge
It is nice when such a creative game can include my six year old even if she ends up playing with someone. Celtic Challenge is a game that is simple to learn and fun to sit around playing during a quiet afternoon.
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Playthings Extra 1-11

Toy of the Week
Rich in Celtic tradition, Celtic: Challenge from Find It Games is a classic matching game that combines strategy with a bit of chance.
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Confessions of a Homeschooler 12-10

We've been obsessed with a new game that arrived this week, everyone including the "Teeny Tot" has gotten involved! What am I talking about? Find It hidden object games!
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VeggieTales travel toy review
Chicago families searching for family games that are suitable and fun for relatives of all ages and that work well as portable travel toys can try the award-winning Find It Games VeggieTales game.
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Breezy Mama 6-11

5 Great Catches: Summer Survival
I admit it: This stayed in the box for a very long time. All I saw were small parts my seven month old twins could choke on and a HUGE mess. Boy! I was WRONG! This game is fantastic and also perfect as a travel game!
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Chicago Parent 6-11

You can kiss "Are we there yet?" goodbye with this travel game that will keep your kids entertained for hours!
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Board Game Geek Celtic Review 1-11

In Celtic Challenge, players want to remove as many tiles from the game board as possible.
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Bragging Mommy 7-11

Oh Really!, and VeggieTales Find It Games review
(Oh Really) Love this family game. It is really fun to see what people choose in order of importance. (Find It VeggieTales) This is a great game for kids, they love searching for items inside.
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Baby and Kids Newsletter 6-11

In The News
Find It Games awarded by 2011 Toy & Game Industry Awards.
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Good Morning Texas & CBS DFW tv spots

Tips for Traveling with Children
"Yes, and it's a quite kids game which is important too.. I like that"
"Great for Roadtrips!"
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Amuse Blog 4-11

Game University: Find It
To coincide with our series on traveling with children, I thought it would be appropriate to feature one of my favorite travel-friendly family games, Find It.
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Aol Parent Dish 4-11

Daily Dish Pick
We'll be bringing this travel game on road trips this summer, for sure.
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