Penny Found

Thank you for playing Find it Games!  

Over the years one thing has remained a constant in all of our games; a US Mint penny. With 3 million games sold, we have literally put $30,000 into people's hands just for playing our game :-)

This year, when it came time to renew paperwork with the Treasury Department that enabled us to include real currency in the game, new rules seem to have come into play, and we ran into a number of barriers - especially concerning import and export. Because children (and adults) all over the world enjoy our game, we had to come up with a more universal solution.  Here is what we did:

  • We created a special "Find It Penny" that would recreate the actual coin that had been used in the past.  This new coin is made of copper, and maintains the same size, shape, and mass as the original penny.  We felt that, although there is no "registry", the similarity would at least offer the same play value as it stays "hidden" in the middle of the tube.
  • We added the playing cards to expand the play experience, and provide a better prompt for parents to engage their kids while playing.  The cards are essentially a "kick start" for the game, and have been a welcome addition based on initial feedback.
  • By this fall, all new Find It Games will include a "Mystery Item".  We felt that the extra challenge of finding an object not on the item list would be akin to finding the penny in the past.  We are enhancing our website such that anyone who finds a "mystery item" will be able to go to the site, register their find, and get prizes and / or coupons for future games.

Again, all of this doesn't bring back the intrigue of the original penny.  However we hope all dedicated Find it fans will understand our limitations and our willingness to comply with government regulations. We appreciate your support and hope the new game features will keep it interesting for all.