The Mouthguard Challenge game

MouthguardChallengeThe Crazy party game that's a Mouthful of Fun!

• Created by Alex Mandel

• Contains not only speaking out phrases, but also more "extreme" challenges

• Family friendly content

• Dish washer safe mouthguards

• Expansion sets available shortly online, including new challenges from Alex Mandel

• The authentic "Mouthguard Challenge" game as seen on Youtube

Based on the Youtube sensation with over 30 million views to date, Alex Mandel brings the newest Party game right to your home - "Mouthguard Challenge".

The game comes with 5 mouthguards, 51 specially developed tasks, and revenge cards. Anyone can play the game or just sit back and watch the fun. The tasks not only contain words or phrases, but also challenge you in a completely different way! Break out the laughs with this Crazy party game that's a Mouthful of Fun!

2 - 5 players, 16+ years and up.
SRP $14.99

Watch the original Mouthguard Challenge with Alex Mandel:

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