Score Pads

Click on the game top below to download (PDF) more check-off pads for that specific game. To download the older check off pages, click here.

Stick Cap Beach 250w  Stick Cap Dino 250w  Stick Cap GLitz 250w

Stick Cap Hunt 250w  Stick Cap Kids 250w  Stick Cap Original 250w

Stick Cap Sports 250w  Stick Cap Starry 250w  Travel The World

Stick Cap Wildlife 250w   Find It Christmas   Elf on the shelf

Madeinwacap    Battlesports Bible Cap

Find It Pirates Check Off PadFind It America Check Off PadFind It Great Outdoors Cap

Find It Pet Finder Cap  Find It Things That Go Cap  Find It Treats Cap

2015 037 Find it Cap sticker Canada FR  2015 037 Find it Cap sticker Canada USAewwgross

Mythical Creatures end capWheres Wally CapWheresWaldo

FindIt Cap Sticker Captain Underpants2016 127 Find it Cap sticker Sesame Street 20items C