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At Find It Games we like to get feedback, not only from our customers, but also from bloggers everywhere who are interested in our hidden object games and puzzles. Here are just a few from great bloggers you may like as well:

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Reviews for the Find It® "On the Farm" hidden object game.


Thanks mail carrier "With the kids eagerly chomping at the bit ("It looks like a farm! I see a horse! Open it!"), we had this cute silo-shaped container out of the packaging in no time — thank goodness for one toy that doesn't require 20 minutes and power tools to remove it from the box." read the full review here.
Parent Palace "We received our Find It, On the Farm, at a very convenient time for us as we were having to travel out of town for an unexpected family gathering. While my husband and I were frantically trying to find appropriate items to take with us for the kids to do, I spotted my new arrival and thought: this would be perfect, with no mess!” read the review here.
Life Of Riley "On the road with a toddler isn't usually the definition of peaceful. Entertaining a curious ball of energy while they're harnessed in an immovable car seat can be tricky at times, which is why it's essential to have an arsenal of fun, attention-grabbing activities that are pretty much self-contained." read the full review here.
denver  "This game is great for playing alone or with a group of people and makes a GREAT travel game. Do you have a long car ride or airplane trip coming up? Then bring along a Find it Game to keep the kids occupied for hours." read the full review here.
Chubby Cheeks "I am a huge fan of Find It games. They are great for when you are bored or on a long car ride. Plus, it keeps the kids occupied! I recently had the chance to check out one of the new find it games called "On The Farm" and I'm glad I did because we have been having so much fun finding all of the farm pieces!" read the full review here.
Bragging mommy  "Old MacDonald-wannabes and animal lovers alike will delight in the new “On The Farm” hidden object game with 42 different items tucked among the brightly colored pellets, all packaged inside a clever silo-shaped cylinder, complete with a ladder!" read the full review here.
A Moms Take "As young kids can loose their attention towards an item really quickly, I was surprised when my 3 year old played with it for probably a solid 15 minutes and still kept stumbling across a new item he had to show me!" read the full review here.
Balancing act "It's the perfect size for little hands and the colorful pellets are very appealing to them. Both kids love the new Ont The Farm hidden object game and enjoy searching for the 42 different items tucked among the pellets. Everything is packaged inside a silo-shaped cylinder, which makes it all that much more fun!" read the full review here.
3 Princess "Find It Games features fun hide and seek games wrapped up in a cylinder, with bright colors and hidden pieces. Find It Games are perfect for on-the-go. With all the pieces contained inside the cylinder, there is nothing to lose and the game can be past from child to child." read the full review here.
 Ben Spark "I love that there is no cleanup, no pieces to lose, and it is easy to play. Since everything is listed on the bottom of the Silo you can also take with with you on the go. It might be fun for a long car trip." read the full review here.
Minnesota mama  "Keep your kids entertained in the car. Trust me every age will enjoy this game. It's fun to search for all of the different objects and see if you can find them all! These are a great toy to keep in the car as it provides hours of quiet playtime. The recommended age is 8+ but I have to say that Danika, who is almost 4, gets a lot of enjoyment out of finding the hidden objects. I love that it is something everyone in the family can enjoy!"
Simple  "What I love about these games.  No batteries and HOURS of endless imaginative play.  Period. Some nights Lili will grab this and we will sit and find the items on the list for a good 1/2 an hour straight.  Most times more than that.  It’s fun bonding time while using our brains.  Just awesome." read the full review here.

Reviews for the Find It® "Starry Night" hidden object game.


Mom to bed  “It is really amazing how something like one of the Find It Games can help get your mind off things and sharpen your mental skills. In fact Starry Night is kept on my office desk and used more often than you would think. My oldest who is almost 8, took to this game as well. She likes using the pad to locate each of the items.”
Baby Loving Mama “I really like the durability of the star container. The star has been dropped in this house several times and has not gotten so much as a scratch! After about a half an hour of looking I would say we still had over 1/3 of the objects left to be found. We still haven’t found them all, including the elusive penny!”
Momma in flip flops “Great for car rides and travel because it's all contained. It comes with a little pad with the hidden objects to find that you can check off. I personally love it because everything stays put so I don't care if my kids play with it (no mess) and they can shake, twist, toss whatever to find those objects. Some of the hidden objects actually glow in the dark. That in itself was fun just trying to find them.”
Wee share “Though Starry Night truly is wonderful for play anytime of the day, we most enjoy playing with it at dark. Why? Well, all of the hidden treasures in the star actually glow in the dark! It just adds another dimension and a lot more fun to an already exciting game. We really do love our Starry Night hidden object game from Find It Games. It's quite addictive, and I have spent more hours than I should admit shaking the pellets and looking for each of the objects. I definitely wouldn't mind adding a few more of their unique hide and seek games to our collection in the future.”